FCT Changes to Virtual Groups

Angela Epshtein, Executive Director

Dear Facing Cancer Together Community,

Since my last communication COVID-19 has been classified as a global pandemic and the Boston area has seen an increase in exposure to the virus. Given Facing Cancer Together’s commitment to providing support to our community, we will be transitioning to virtual support groups and wellness class meetings as of Saturday, March 21st. In order to properly transition from in-person to virtual groups, we will use the week of March 16th – March 20th as our training and testing week. FCT will not hold any in-person groups from March 16th – March 20th. If you are an active participant in an FCT group, you will receive instructions prior to March 21st on how to join your group using your computer or phone.

I realize that this a major culture shift for our community, so please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time of transition.

Kind Regards,

Angela Epshtein, Executive Director