In Memory of Randi (Meryl) Greenberg, Chinese Brush Painting Instructor

Passed away on June 11, 2013

Randi has left us, but our memories of her will never leave us

Sadly, on June 11, 2013, Randi Greenberg passed away. Randi was passionate about her life, her faith, her art, and her career as a financial planner at Ameri-prise Financial. She was a diverse and exceptional woman: an award winning Chinese brush painting artist, a devout Buddhist, a cancer survivor, and a volunteer teacher to other survivors.

Through Chinese brush painting and the strokes that Randi taught in the Chinese Brush Painting group at Facing Cancer Together, her participants found comfort and enlightenment.   Comfort through the art and comfort that they all shared in listening to their collective stories of their journey with cancer.

Throughout her battles with Cancer she was determined to never have anyone tell her it could not be treated or cured. “No” was not part of her vocabulary. She was a driving force to all people around her. She made sure to tell her story of her struggle and determination and bravery to all groups.

We cherish the time and pleasure we had with our dear friend and teacher, Randi.







A Buddhist Saying: “Art is the essence of life. Our words and our actions should be filled with art. The substance of art is complete awareness.”

— Thich Nhat