Some words from our community...

"Neither my husband nor I can accurately remember when I first started attending Facing Cancer Together meetings. What we both remember well is the relief when I realized I had found an organization that would fulfill a huge need for both of us - that is to have a place to go where I could get support, answers, and information about what I was going through, and share them with him.

Initially, the group was small. I felt comfortable sharing information about the different issues I was dealing with. I was also a little trepidatious about venturing into a new and more visible environment. I am long past that now, and am comfortable talking about my experiences (good and bad) - and am heartened when I hear similar responses from other group members. I am supremely grateful to FCT for the support it provides, and feel that I have benefitted enormously from it."

- Anonymous, Cancer Support Group

"Facing Cancer Together's Chinese Brush Painting class has been an important part of my ongoing recovery for many years. It brings together such a diverse group of survivors who readily support each other.

Vartus is a fantastic instructor. She is patient, kind, creative and a gifted artist. She brings joy to each session with new and exciting ideas and interpretations regarding the subject matter. Vartus has done a marvelous job transitioning and adapting from in-person classes to Zoom classes.

It is with warmest appreciation that I thank Facing Cancer Together for supporting such a vital and impactful support service."

- Anonymous, Chinese Brush Painting

"Dear FCT,

After a year of grueling cancer treatments, I looked for a cancer support group. I wasn’t looking for a traditional support group. I’m rather reserved in a group setting, and I wouldn’t have found the support I needed in a “talking” group. My search took a long time until I found out about FCT and its writing group. It was so perfect for me. Writing gave me the time to gather my thoughts before sharing  them. I also wanted to write personal stories for my husband, my siblings, my five nieces, and my friends in case I would die. I just could not find a way to start. 

At first, I was frustrated with my writing, but after 4 years, I now have a few pieces that I’m happy with, and I have more in the works. They usually are small glimpses of my life living with this cancer, and show how I handled hellish moments with a calm that still surprises me, or how some experiences have brought incredible joy in my life. The finished pieces are now gathered in a blog that I called “Salted Notes” simply because I live near the ocean, this great healer. I’m on the way to accomplish my goal. Wow! Thank you so much FCT!"

- Anonymous, Writing for Wellness

"After losing one parent to cancer and then a few months later having another parent diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer seemed unfathomable. It wasn’t till my therapist recommended the Facing Cancer Together group that I really was able to start processing losing my parents. This group has helped me navigate the grieving process through one of the most difficult times in my life. It’s been invaluable and I’m so grateful it was available. I would highly recommend these groups to anyone struggling with loss or diagnosis related to cancer."

- Anonymous, Young Adult Bereavement Group

"I have been a member of Susan's Caregiver Support Group for a few months. It has helped me be a much better caregiver to my husband who has stage 4 lung cancer. I feel calmer since I can always count on Susan and the other members' honest and sensitive responses. I leave each group feeling understood and it has been wonderful to get to know the other members. Each person brings something different and special to the group. This group is very important to me during a terribly tough time."

- Anonymous, Caregiver Support Group

"It took me six months after my husband died to find the bereavement group at Facing Cancer Together led by Claire. I was struggling with grief for my husband who died too young and for myself swirling around in a dark hole without him. Claire was the first professional I spoke with who listened to me and did not respond with platitudes. Since joining the group I look forward to our meetings as if they are a life raft that keeps me going until the next one.

With Claire’s wisdom and guidance our group shares the universal and commiserates with the unique aspects of each other’s grief. Amid the sadness we also share laughter. For me this group has been both enlightening and healing - it is a relief to be with an empathetic group where it’s okay to admit being miserable, where it’s okay to still be suffering, where it’s possible to just complain without fear of becoming tedious, yet also possible to foresee future healing.

Like me, some in the group found the imposed solitude of Covid to be a mixed blessing. The pandemic provided a cover (for me literally the mask) to hide my sad face and an existential belonging to a worldwide blanket of isolation. But the forced separation from family and friends was grueling and the twice monthly Zoom meetings became especially crucial."

- Anonymous, Adult Bereavement Group

"Painting together in Facing Cancer Together's Chinese Brush painting class has helped me to persevere through very difficult times. I love learning the incredible and beautiful technique in a group with other cancer patients and caregivers. As we bond together, I feel the support from everyone. Each week I feel a renewal of joy and hope.

The teacher of this group is a fantastic and compassionate leader as well as an accomplished artist. I have grown in my own artistic ability, which gives me great pleasure in the midst of caring for my husband who is battling cancer.

Throughout the pandemic this group on Zoom has been an anchor for me, and I hope that going forward I will be able to grow in love and compassion as we are eventually able to meet in person again."

- Anonymous, Chinese Brush Painting

"A few months after my surgery, I was able to join Facing Cancer Together’s “Writing for Wellness” group, a writing and support group for cancer survivors online. I hadn’t really thought of myself as a writer, but I thought it would be helpful for me to be in a group with that kind of dual focus. What a boon it has been! I have made new friends, and I feel part of a community of caring and support. Throughout the Covid crisis, the group has been a haven, a source of meaningful conversation and a way to develop deep exchanges in a suddenly limited world.  I am gradually discovering myself as a weaver of words, both silly and serious. The prompts and facilitators challenge  and support me to go deeper into my own feelings, but do not pressure me to do so. I am finding that imagination is a space of freedom. Being part of this wonderful group of caring fellow travelers has made an enormous difference in my quality of life. I look forward to sharing our time together every week, as well as to seeing what we all come up with in response to the writing prompts. I am so grateful for this group and for FCT for organizing and hosting it."

- Anonymous, Writing for Wellness

​​“It has been very helpful to be able to talk about living with cancer with others who have had or have cancer. It seems to be a unique disease that changes people’s lives, and the more people I know that are dealing with it or its aftermath, the more connected I get to the present. People who have not had cancer certainly have empathy, but there’s nothing like sharing with a group of people who have been in similar positions in their lives.”

- Anonymous, Cancer Support Group

"I am part of a bereavement group run by Claire at FCT. I am so grateful for the group's support and the guidance that Claire provides. The group has helped me immensely. I can identify with so many things the others are experiencing and Claire's suggestions for easing the pain have been comforting and wise. Thank you for providing this service - it has helped me to heal."

- Anonymous, Adult Bereavement Group