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Archive for September 2011

Debbie Hemley

Debbie Hemley is one of the people who has been instrumental in helping our community stay connected during the transition of the closing of The Wellness Community (TWC) and the opening of Facing Cancer Together. Together with Catherine Weber, Deb set up our online presence on Ning, a free online social networking platform. A year…

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Laura Quinn

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer that had already metastastized throughout my abdomen: incurable. I was forty years old, with a loving husband, two children under the age of three, no other family living nearby, and terrified. My oncology team focused on alleviating my physical symptoms. I turned elsewhere for emotional…

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Dee Bertozzi

I have been living with Stage 4 breast cancer. Even with the love, support and care of an incredible group of family and friends, I often felt lost and in some measure alone. Facing Cancer Together has provided me with a sense of belonging and understanding. I attend a weekly support group. I am a…

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